Summer Running: Essential Offers

Summer is here! It’s time to get prepared with these top summer picks from businesses we love:

  1. The Peachy Queen Company’s ‘Heads Up’ Baseball cap – A cool looking cap with a washed denim effect and ventilation eyelets, you’ll be the envy of your running club! Available in 3 colours. £19.99. Use code PEACHYREBEL for 15% off.

  2. Keep the running easy this summer with our Protein Rebel Run Easy marine collagen. Take to relieve the aches and pains associated with running and make you stronger so you can get out on the trail/road/track more! From £13.99. Use code Runmore15 for 15% off tins of Run Easy when you spend over £20.

  3. Goodr’s Professional Respawner polarised sunglasses – Non-slip black framed glasses with a pink reflective lens. Not just practical but gives you a ‘ready for the trails’ kind of vibe. What’s not to love? £30.00

  4. Fit+Kit Electrolyte face moisturizer – A hydrating moisturiser for re-energising dry skin. It’s easy to neglect your skin when running in extreme weather conditions, and then you wonder why it feels like granny’s leather handbag! This pampers your face with almond extract and vitamin B, making you look like a fresh-faced ultrarunning newbie. Just don’t mistake it for a drinkable electrolyte solution! £12.99

  5. TrainFit V2 hydro vest – A compact, economical and breathable vest with room for a soft water bottle (included), a phone and your keys. Perfect for hot summer runs when a lightweight vest with some water is needed, but you don’t want to wear a bulky running vest equipped with 53 pockets and room for a microwave. Various colours available. £29.99 (Use 20OFF at checkout for 20% off)

  6. Lifejacket SPF 50+ SUN GEL – We all know “that runner” who forgot to apply their sunscreen before a race and ended up being used by the organisers as a beacon to guide the other competitors through the trails. To avoid being subjected to the same fate, be sure to use this light, non-greasy and high performing formula that blends really well and doesn’t make your eyes sting when you sweat. From £16