Ambassadors - Normal people inspiring others!

We have all different types of ambassadors, from club runners and enthusiastic cyclists through to GB triathletes. They all have a desire to be fuelled by nature.

Read their reviews below.

Andy Stone

Triathlete and Guinness World Record Holder - 70 x 70.3M triathlons in 75 days

"I started using Protein Rebel's products when training for my record attempt. They were a key part of my nutrition. I particularly love the gels for electrolytes and a simple carb hit. Great for being able to bolt an extra hour onto my training!"


Mike Radice

Trail runner

"As a veteran ultra/trail runner, recovery and joint care is super important. I’ve been using Protein Rebel’s shakes post run for the past few years and recently incorporated Run Easy collagen into my daily recovery program. All of their products are natural, taste great and have never caused me any GI issues."


Sarah Doherty

Ultra runner

‘Since my chronic Achilles injury which stopped me running for almost a year I’ve taken Run Easy religiously!  I add my collagen either to orange juice or into my protein shake after a workout... this is an essential part of my supplement toolkit to help keep me injury free!’


Ben Russell

UK Athletics running coach and @couchtocoached podcast host 

"I have been using Maple Ignite now for a few months and having tried many gels in the past I have to say this is the best. An energy gel made from only two ingredients that tastes great and provides that energy kick needed on hard workouts and race days to get me through. I have raced three times since using Maple Ignite and hit big PBs in each of them."


Lis Kilcourse

 GB AG Triathlete 

"Competing for GB as an age group athlete and nationally as an elite athlete, I have been using Protein Rebel for several years now. Their protein is tasty and helps me to recover from hard sessions. Their gels are gentle on the stomach which means I can take them without feeling nauseous when I'm out running. They're a kind team as well, who look after their athletes :)"


Ragnar Laan

Club Cyclist

“I’ve been using Protein Rebel’s products for over 2 years now, starting with the protein powders which I would have after every session to help my recovery. I now use Maple Ignite to power me through every ride and just love the taste.”


Rosie Harrison

Ultra runner 

"The collagen powder is really easily dissolvable and I love that it's unflavoured. They recommend adding it to liquids so it's a staple now in my morning coffee. But I've been experimenting with it in protein pancake batter, overnight oats etc, so it's really easy."


Francesca Goodwin

Runner and Running On Joy podcast host 

“Recovery is key for me as someone who lives and trains with connective tissue and autoimmune illnesses. A few scoops of Run Easy in my tea before morning yoga, has helped to support my joints, ligaments and bones so that I can do the running and lifting that I love in a sustainable way.”


Liam Mitchell 

Spartan AG European Champion 2022 and Spartan coach  

“Protein Rebel have been fuelling my journey for sometime now. Their natural products ensure smooth digestion, taste awesome, enhance your performance and even help boost your recovery. They prioritise athletes health, and it really shows. You can honestly taste and feel the difference when performing or recovering. This is why I choose Protein Rebel products!”


Bernie Siu

Run Leader for Run Higher Collective and triathlete

“I was introduced to Protein Rebel by a friend, initially using protein powder post workout. I enjoy the gel because it’s completely natural and gentle on my stomach during marathons. As I get older, collagen replacement plays a vital role to ensure my joints are supported and so I use the collagen powder regularly and have never looked back.”


Elaine Sherwin

British canicross champion - Winner of multiple national titles and 5 European medals 

“My training and racing is going really well since starting Protein Rebel’s Run Easy. I have run my best 10K course time since 2014 and beat my 1994 half marathon time by 4 minutes! I’m also recovering much quicker
after hard training sessions.”


John Steadman

GB AG Triathlete 

"I love using Protein Rebel's Maple Ignite energy gels. They give me a good natural source of energy when I need it to assist with hard training sessions and races. The fact that all the ingredients are natural is awesome!"