Power your PB's naturally

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Run Easy is fantastic at helping aid soft tissue injury

Good, clean protein that comes at no cost to the planet

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Natural Running Nutrition

The problem is that artificial ingredients aren’t great for your gut or your overall health, yet most sports nutrition products are full of them.

Our solution is to go natural. We’ve sourced products from nature to power your exercise, strengthen your body and speed-up your recovery.

Gentle on your stomach.
Driving your performance.

Whether you’re trying to get a PB, are training for your first marathon or completing your 10th IRONMAN, our products are easy to digest with no artificial additives, providing both performance and overall health benefits.

How do I start using sports nutrition to power my marathon?

Have you ever seen the end of a marathon where people are weaving uncontrollably across the road, their legs like jelly and looking like they have zoned out?

If you have, it’s most likely because they haven’t fuelled their run properly.

But powering your run is more than calories in and calories out. Using natural nutrition is tasty, easier to digest and provides additional micronutrients to keep you going.

Read our blog for more information.

Why choose Protein Rebel?

100% natural

so it is always easy to digest

Planet care

keeps us running outside

Great taste guarantee

love it or your money back

Enjoyed by everyone from club runners to GB Triathletes

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