About Protein Rebel

We’re the natural sports nutrition brand focused on easy-to-digest and tasty products for endurance athletes including runners, cyclists and triathletes. Unlike the big brands that are happy to use bulk fillers and highly processed industrial ingredients, we don’t believe that sports nutrition should turn your stomach into a chemical factory. We believe in natural, calming ingredients that taste great and have a low impact on the planet.

Why you should use Protein Rebel

Have you ever suffered GI distress whilst running? You are not alone. That's why our products only use a short, minimal, natural ingredient list. These top quality ingredients are much less likely to cause GI distress. And they taste better!

Our awards

We’re proud that our products are award-winning providing you with an extra level of confidence. These include accolades from Women’s Running Magazine, Men’s Fitness Magazine and the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards.

We love running outside!

We want to keep everyone running outdoors. That's why we consider the environment in everything we do – carefully selecting ingredients and packaging that have a low impact on the environment. Our deliveries are also carbon neutral.