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Replace+ shaker

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Looking for somewhere to start your protein powder journey? Look no further. You just need protein powder and a shaker for a great price.

This bundle contains:

  • 1 x tub Replace – you choose the flavour
  • 1 x matt black 500ml metal shaker
  • Natural, vegan, plant protein
  • Low sugar, high fibre, high Vit B12
  • Great for maintaining a high protein diet
  • Will help keep hunger at bay


Will this help me feel full?

Protein is well known to help you feel full. This will help you avoid any unwanted snacks.

Is the shaker 'good quality'?

We do our best to ensure our products and service are top quality. This shaker is a matt black 500ml metal shaker. No hard to recycle flimsy plastic shakers here!!

Why is this called 'Replace'?

This vegan formulation has been designed to help athletes maintain a high protein diet (needed for muscle synthesis) whilst provide high fibre and VitB12 which they are commonly short of in their diet. This low sugar formular as helps avoid sugar spikes commonly associated with food supplements

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