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Recover+ shaker

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Looking for somewhere to start your protein powder journey? Look no further. You just need protein powder and a shaker for a great price.

This bundle contains:

  • 1 x tub Recover banana (640g – 13 servings)
  • Natural, vegan powder
  • High protein and high carbs. Help avoid muscle soreness whilst restocking your energy stores
  • 1 x matt black metal shaker
  • Premium 500ml shaker – will fit 1 serving


What type of shaker is included?

Our premmium 500ml matt black metal shaker. Easy to mix your protein powder with your favourate liquid (plant milk, water, cows milk or anything else!)

Is the shaker dishwasher safe?

We don’t advise putting this shaker in the dishwasher as it will remove the print.

How should I clean my shaker?

It is best cleaned immediately after use. But if it is left longer (we all have a life) just soak in water for a few minutes and then clean

What can I mix Recover with?

There is almost no limit. The easest way is to add water, add the powder and shake. Fruit, ice, plant milk, cow milk will all mix well. Or you can bake with it. Nothing will change the nutritional qualities!

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