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About Protein Rebel


We’re the natural sports nutrition brand focused on easy-to-digest products for the endurance athlete. So, unlike the big brands that are happy to use bulk fillers and highly processed industrial ingredients, we don’t believe that sports nutrition should turn your stomach into a chemical factory. We believe in natural, calming ingredients.

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Our Awards

Our high-quality formulations are nutritionally balanced to help you to run faster, lift more, swim further and cycle longer. Our vegan and cricket-based protein powders have won numerous awards since our launch in 2020, including:

  • European Specialist Sports Nutrition Award for Most Sustainable Protein Powder
  • The UK’s toughest health food award – The Nourish Award in the high protein category
  • Food Matters Live – Fitness and Sports Nutrition Product of the Year
  • Men’s Fitness Magazine – Recommended Protein Powder

Why you should use Protein Rebel

Have you ever suffered from digestion issues during an endurance event? You are not alone. Research shows that 27% of marathoners and 70% of ultra-runners report issues with digestion.

The reasons for these gastro-intestinal (GI) issues are often the complex chemical formulations used in many sport’s nutrition products.

That’s why we are doing things differently.

Our products only use a short, minimal, natural ingredient list that reduces the chance of GI issues.

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For endurance athletes and active lifestylers

Our protein blends contain at least 20g of protein per serving with all the essential amino acids to help you build strength while lowering your risk of injury. Any less per serving has been shown to be ineffective at repairing muscle fibres.

Our vegan blends use a combination of plant proteins to deliver all the essential amino acids your body cannot produce.

Reload uses a new type of protein from crickets. This is easy-to-digest and with a low impact on the environment. The initial research suggests that cricket protein is 50% easier to digest than whey.

Our products are used by runners, cyclists, IRONMAN athletes, triathletes, Crossfitters and swimmers. Anyone who wants to improve their strength and speed-up their recovery time.

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Environmental Impact

We want to keep our planet fit and health. We carefully select our ingredients and packaging to reduce their impact on the environment. Did you know by using a tub of Reload plant and cricket protein, you save 44kg of CO2 compared to whey protein?

But we don’t think that is enough. We have also teamed up with environmental charities to do go for the planet. Every time you buy from us you save 1m² of threatened habitat with the World Land Trust

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Want to learn more?

We are completely transparent about our business from the ingredients to our packaging choices and our mission to build an easy to digest, natural sports nutrition brand.

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