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Our Story

The idea for Protein Rebel came as we started taking a greater interest in our own nutrition. We were both exercising more and watching what we ate. As we looked at the ingredients in high protein supplements most had long lists of artificial ingredients we couldn’t identify and were whey-based. Also, none of the large brands had considered their impact on the planet.

But our journey to developing Protein Rebel started in Africa…

Here’s what Tim has to say…I’ve always been interested in conservation and wildlife and ended up working in a national park in Zambia. This is where I had my first taste of insects – chipime – a type of yellow caterpillar. They were tasty with a crunchy texture. And I learnt how to catch termites using buckets of water when it was full moon. We would fry them up with salt and pepper and eat them as a beer snack. Proper delicious!

When I returned to the UK, I met Liz and soon we had 3 children to look after. I also started biking and running with a group of dads. Liz spends a lot of time trying to keep up with the kids while resisting the temptation of unhealthy snacks.

Like most people, we found that you can’t out-train bad nutrition. Whey protein shakes were making us feel ill and after asking around, we realised we were not alone. I then thought again about eating insects.

As I investigated, it became clear that insects have an extremely low impact on the planet whilst being high in protein with superfood qualities. It was almost like they had been built for anyone following an active lifestyle!

Through this process, I found many new, alternative sources of proteins that have low environmental impacts. As we see the increasing effects of climate change and pandemics, it feels that people are now more open to the idea of eating both healthily and sustainably.

After almost 100 test formulations of both our vegan and cricket-based protein powders, Protein Rebel was born!

About Protein Rebel

We want to prove that people don’t need to compromise to eat sustainably – that new, alternative proteins from plants, algae and insects can be better, delivering improved performance, taste, texture and nutrition than traditional animal and dairy proteins.

We believe that the faster the world stops relying on traditional animal and dairy proteins, and moves towards a net zero future, the better. No compromise.

We have started making protein powders with plant-based proteins and cutting-edge British farmed crickets, both in easy-to-recycle packaging. We have designed our products from the ground up. We have worked with academics, nutritionists, new ingredient suppliers and flavour houses.

And this is just the beginning.

Join us to work towards a better future.

man juggling 3 tubs of Protein Rebel

Awards we have won

It took 18 months of development, 97 formulations, 3 insect species and 2 cricket farms to get our formulations right. It has been important to get the nutritional balance correct whilst reducing our products’ impact on the planet. We (probably) provide have the world’s most sustainable protein powders! And this is being recognised by the industry.

Our Reload product won the UK’s toughest health food award – The Nourish Award – in the high protein category.

Reload has won the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Award for most sustainable protein powder.

Recover has been named the recommended protein powder by Men’s Fitness Magazine.

In May 2020, Tim also appeared on BBC1’s ‘The Customer Is Always Right ‘with a Reload prototype.

We’re proud that our products are award-winning and hope that this is just the start.

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