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Our Manifesto

Our manifesto’s simple. We pledge to always think about what we do. To always be transparent. And to always try harder. Protein Rebel stands proudly behind these ten core promises:


High in Quality Protein

The very best raw ingredients

Our protein powders will be made from the very best raw ingredients – effective and nutritious. As high as possible in protein. As clean as possible in production. And always as a complete protein with a full amino acid profile.



You’ll never find whey protein here. Traditional protein powders come from cow’s milk. It’s bad for the environment and tough on your gut. Our plant and cricket flour shakes lead the way, with no whey, José.



Superfood qualities

Our shakes give you more than just complete protein. Iron. Vitamin B12. No added sugar, no bad fats, and no antibiotics. And our ingredients – plants and crickets – they’re full of superfood qualities and packed with nutrients.


Drug & Disease Free

Ingredients that don't need antibiotics and don't spread disease

We didn’t choose crickets and plant-based proteins just for their subtle flavour. They don’t need antibiotics, and they don’t spread disease (and you won’t catch anything from them). You can’t say that about traditional animal protein.



We focus on using all-natural ingredients in all our products. Always tasty and nothing synthetic. In fact, we keep our ingredients to an absolute minimum – nine at most!



Almost all our packaging can be easily recycled. Straight in your home’s recycle bins. No messing about. The seal can’t yet be recycled… we’re working on it.


Rainforest Protection

You buy a pack, we save more natural land. While the rainforests are being razed to farm beef protein, we work with the World Land Trust to protect a m2 of threatened habitat for every tub sold.


& Easy

Making a protein shake shouldn’t be a chore. From pre & post work-out fuel to meal replacement shakes, Protein Rebel powders will always be ready in seconds.


Always Fair

Fair for you, fair for the planet

And we’ll always be honest and fair in our pricing. We want to protect the planet, not make it onto a rich list somewhere. A fair lot for everyone, producers, manufacturers, distributors, and you.


Always Transparent

About our protein powders, our ingredients and our operations

There’s nothing we don’t want to share about our protein powders, our ingredients or our operations. And that will never change. We’ll always be open and transparent with everything we do.

Think about what you eat. Think about the world. Think about your health. Think about your wallet. Think quick, think easy, think natural. Think Protein Rebel. But above all, think for yourself.

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