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Not all proteins are created equal. Traditional animal proteins are unkind to your gut and damage the environment. We needed to re-think protein. Take a fresher, cleaner approach. So we did. We saw what everyone else was doing – unnatural powders made in a lab from synthetic micronutrient blends, plant shakes that don’t give us all the protein we need, whey powder that needs gallons of water and acres of rainforest, and plastic accessories destined for landfill. No, we said. Not good enough. So we changed it.

Good For You

Sustainable, easy-to-digest products that are high in protein, low in sugar and bad fats. Our new types of proteins from insects and plants have additional superfood qualities. They naturally contain micronutrients that are hard to find on a vegan diet. Each formulation has low numbers of clean, premium ingredients to make it easy to recognise while maximising performance. We do not use sugar because we don’t need to. Our all-natural products are made from the foods of the future – plants and insects – to ensure we all have one.

And if you haven’t tried crickets before, it’s time to think differently. Crickets are a superfood. Higher in protein than beef, chicken and pork. They pack a powerful nutritional punch and contain a natural prebiotic. Learn more by reading our blog.

100% natural

No artificial flavours or colours

100% clean protein powder

Packed full of nutrition

Good For
Your Conscience

We’ve not only considered how our products will benefit you but also how we can benefit our planet in the process. We only get one life. Us and the Earth we live on.

Recyclable Packaging

Almost all our packaging can be easily recycled. Straight in your home’s recycle bins. No messing about. The seal and tub label can’t yet be recycled… we’re working on it.

No Plastic Shaker

We don’t supply plastic shakers. Why? Because there are too many plastic containers in the world already. Until we find a product that meets our sustainability criteria, we won't be supplying them. Sorry (not sorry).

No Plastic Scoop

Yes, no scoop. It’s more landfill plastic made using precious natural resources. You don’t need one. Just use a tablespoon straight from your drawer.

Saved habitat

You buy a pack, we save more natural land. A square metre of threatened habitat protected by the World Land Trust. An instant win for Mother Nature.

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