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What we learnt from BBC1’s ‘The Customer is Always Right’

We’re lucky enough to be debuting our cricket and plant protein shake (Protein Rebel Reload) on BBC1’s ‘The Customer is Always Right’ 3.45pm on 6th May 2020. Of course, the filming took place a few months before this, which we approached with both excitement and trepidation. Truth be told, our product was still a prototype when filming first took place in November 2019. We knew our shake needed improving but we took ‘the bull by the horns’ and approached the show as a great learning opportunity. And it certainly was! Here’s what we learnt from going on the programme.

People are increasingly concerned for the planet and the damaging effect humans are having on it. Products that are kind to the planet are therefore well received. There’s also a general consensus that we need to alter our eating habits if we’re to feed the growing population. As crickets are full of protein and other great nutrients while having a low environmental impact, they will become part of our normal every day diets. Phew! That’s a relief! And most people are actually fine with the concept of eating new proteins, including ones that may be a bit controversial, such as insects. Another win!

Something that was reaffirmed to us is that taste and texture is absolutely key if customers are to return again and again. If the ‘mouth feel’ and/or taste isn’t quite right, no matter how good the product is for your body and the planet, people just won’t be buying it a second time. We knew we needed to improve on this and thankfully, we have!

And finally, we learnt that appearing on the programme is thoroughly enjoyable. Presenter Lucy Alexander, the Firecracker Films crew and the other contestants were all really warm and friendly and once Tim got his nerves under control, he couldn’t stop smiling!

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