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Starting the gym in Winter

Cold weather in england

Every Winter gyms across the UK receive an influx of new members. People sign-up, resolving that this is the year when they’re going to get fit, lose weight and develop some good habits. A decent percentage of these memberships never get used. Other people find that the gym just isn’t for them. While gyms can provide a structured and convenient way for many people to get fit, others don’t find them as conducive.

If you’re wondering about joining a gym this Winter what are some of the factors you might want to consider?

Is the gym really for you?

Some people love the gym. Others love the freedom of heading off to the park or into the countryside for a solitary run. If training for you is all about fresh air and freedom, then it’s possible you might feel stifled in a gym, even if you can see the possible benefits.

Think about your personality and whether or not gym membership is something you’re likely to make the most of. If you’re rarely going to use it, then your money might be better spent elsewhere.

How near is the gym?

Another factor that often leads to gym memberships being underused is the distance the gym is from where the member lives. If you have to jump in the car, get public transport or climb on your bike every time you visit the gym, you may be less likely to keep up your attendance than if it’s on the ground floor of your apartment block.

If you’re already struggling for motivation, knowing that you have to drive some distance to get to your gym, or brave the traffic across town, might make feel even more reluctant. With this in mind, it makes sense to choose a gym that’s a realistic distance from where you live or work.

What will it cost?

The cost of gym memberships varies widely, from some that can set you back hundreds a month, to others with basic facilities and an affordable subscription fee. The high-end, luxury gym may look tempting, but can you realistically afford the subscription?

Often, a mid-range gym will offer you just as good a range of facilities at a much more realistic price. If you’re on a budget, take a look at what your local authority provides, and check out any workplace or college options that might be available.

Are you going to sign up for classes?

Many people love the social aspect of gyms and classes are a great way to get fit, meet new people and have some structured support for your training. Many gyms will offer a programme of classes, perhaps using particular equipment or focusing on a specific demographic.

Does your potential gym offer classes that are convenient for you and meet your training requirements?


What equipment will you need?

Although we all might have the best of intentions about using everything that a gym offers it’s often the case that we focus on a few items of equipment because it meets our particular training needs. Be realistic about what your fitness goals are and what you will need to achieve them.

Does your potential gym have the equipment you need?

Is a personal trainer an option?

Many people find it helpful to have a personal trainer to help them achieve their fitness goals. Many gyms will usually offer a personal trainer option, either as part of one of their training packages or as an optional extra. If you think you might benefit from the extra support a personal trainer can provide, be sure that your potential gym can provide one.

Final thoughts

Starting a gym in Winter doesn’t have to be the charade it is for many people. If your honest with yourself, look at the practicalities and have a personal fitness goal to achieve, the gym is aa good a place as any to get started.

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