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Why does trail runner Mike use Reload?

Mike taste

This is part of our product review series where we interview some of our customers and ambassadors to get an indepth understanding of why and how they are using our products.

Mike Radice lives on the south coast and has been using Reload for over 8 months. He is a regular long distance runner and manages to get out 4 to 5 times a week. We asked him a few questions about why Protein Rebel is his chosen recovery shake, and this is what he said:

Which is your favourite product? – Reload (banana)

How do I use it? – I use it after every run/long walk or sometimes just when I’m a bit hungry and don’t want to snack on “filler” foods!

How does it make me feel? – Due to its natural ingredients, when I drink it post run, it really feels like I’m giving my body what it needs and not just plastering over the cracks. It sits really well on my stomach and I’ve never experienced any bloating or GI issues when using it. Also when drunk straight after a long run, it fills me up enough to stop those post-run junk food binges!

When used regularly, especially during periods of high mileage, I definitely noticed the benefits with regards to leg fatigue. That tired, heavy leg feeling that you generally get after two or three consecutive days of long runs was noticeably reduced.

How does it taste? – Great!!! Personally I love the banana flavour after a run as it’s not too sweet and feels a bit lighter than the chocolate. If you mix it with your favourite milk alternative it’s just like a milkshake, but if you’re trying to watch the calories, it mixes well and tastes great with water.

How does it differ from other brands? – Compared to other brands that I have used, Protein Rebel definitely tastes more natural. You really do feel like you’re taking onboard proper wholesome ingredients as opposed to artificial flavours and sweeteners.

One thing that really sets Protein Rebel shakes apart from others, is the environmental sustainability of all of its products. It’s really at the core of the brand, from the ingredients right through to the packaging, and is a model that other brands and products should try to follow.

With great tasting shakes that work and a great environmental ethos, what’s not to like??

That’s great Mike! See some of his great running photos on instagram here

And here’s Mike’s go-to recipe using Reload banana

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