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England International Long and Triple Jumper explains why he’s using Reload

International long and triple jumper, Scott Hall, tests Protein Rebel Reload

We have been testing Protein Rebel Reload with several brand champions. We’re really pleased that England International long and triple jumper, Scott Hall (above), agreed to try Reload. He trains with Gateshead Harriers where Jonathan Edwards was a member when he broke the Men’s Triple Jump World Record.

Protein Rebel Reload has been designed to provide you with your protein needs without making you feel bloated. The ingredients are 100% natural, no artificial sweeteners and we use only the cleanest protein from plants and crickets. Crickets are a new superfood as they are nutritionally dense whilst also being kind to the planet.

Scott follows a punishing schedule of sprinting, weights and of course jumping. He has been using Protein Rebel since August.

Dan, our photographer, made his way to Gateshead Stadium where Scott trains.

Scott told him why he uses Reload:

Scott goes on to explain how he makes his plant and cricket shake and what it tastes like:

Brilliant stuff Scott! You and Dan rock!

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